Sunday, 31 August 2008

Gray Day

A gray day on the river .
For what seems an eternity the weather has been
overcast and the skies have had a grey wet look
about them , not to worry it's not the end of the world
for us fishermen.
Afternoon came and off we went to the river.
I took Phil here last year basically with a hope
of him taking a Grayling , we fished fast water
and lost count of the fish we caught , Phil soon
joined the club but his new found love of fly fishing
has meant that this was our first summer visit .

Again we found the fast water , only just it took
us sometime to cut through the thick under growth
Phil had set his mind on a few of the fast glides we fished
and was soon enjoying himself with a string of small silver
I had found some little deep runs between snags and
it just screamed fish a few runs soon brought a nice
curve in the rod, a nice Grayling the result .
We continued to catch Phil equalling his best
previous fish . He also lost a fish well over
a pound in very fast water , I think he thought
I had lost my mind when telling him to run
the float down the little crease , his face was
a picture of surprise when the rod bent and the
pin span. I think he will be back soon to have
another try . The river is hardly fished in
the areas we go most people target the
slow more easily accessible areas , sitting
in the same spot .... every man to his own
I guess but I can not help but think they
are missing so much .


I was walking with the kids along our local
brook , looking along the way for any fishy
haunts to try .
A few days later a spare hour saw me
making my way to a spot I had seen
just a few bits and bobs no need for
a landing net .......MY MISTAKE !
The first run through and the float dipped
I struck into a decent fish it was a Roach
I scrambled down the bank because it
was a good fish , the hook pulled loose
and I was gutted, taking the photos
for the blog is a big part of the pleasure
something to look back on through
the cold winter months .

A few more small fish like the Gudgeon above
before the line tightened into another very good
fish , it kicked away in the steam a monster
for this little stream , The most beautiful Trout
came to the side ............. again I tried to get it
if only my net was here unfortunately again the
small hook pulled loose and the fish slipped away.

I carried on taking a few Roach and small
Chub all fin perfect, the light faded and
I made the walk back .
Think I will take the net next time
just hope I can get another Trout
they are so well marked.

Monday, 25 August 2008


I would class my self as lucky , two lovely kids
good parents , top mates some of which are
cracking company when fishing good health
(touch wood)
.................. Oh and a wife who allows me to enjoy
all (don't tell her)
After having a good day with Mike on the Ribble
I had resided myself to house duties cleaning ect
a call from Rob inviting me to the Hodder for a
evening session.
My head was filled with images of days gone by
on this most beautiful of rivers and the fish that
swim her .
I told Melanie and to my surprise I was in ''Luck ''
a quick word with Rob and we were away .
As usual we chatted away , the journey soon passed
as we put the world to rites.
The water was up from our last visit and I decided
to fish a Woolly Worm on the point and Peeping Caddis
on the dropper .
The first pool brought a good bang , it amazes me how
a fish can hit a fly so hard without hooking itself ?
I dropped into the second pool , Rob was following
down behind , the river has been worked on the large
stones making a small waterfall and in turn that making
a pool ideal for holding migratory fish .
I cast turned to see how Rob was doing and then the rod
was almost pulled from my grasp with a great take ,
the silver flank of what must have been a Sea Trout flashed
in the turbulent water , I could see and feel every shake of
it's head . Just as I was winning the battle the hook lost it's
hold $*# !! for the second time in two days I lost half decent
Sea Trout .
I moved on to the pool below and took a nice Brownie we
fished on into the dark the occasional splash giving away
the fact Sea Trout were about but alas my chance had
gone ..... until next time .

Saturday, 23 August 2008

What It's All About

Spent an afternoon with Mike on the Ribble
the river was a good foot over her normal
summer level and tinged with a dark tea
colour .
On arriving at the fast glide we wanted to
fish I spotted the flower above a Geranium
I think Meadow Cranesbill ? seems to be
the best match from the flower to the
habitat I found it , I do stand to be
corrected ''I'm no expert''.
We found a few fish, having six Sea Trout
between us , I also managed to lose an
half decent one as it leapt and shed the
hook it looked a couple of pounds.

A nice Dace was a welcome site as they have not
been around in many numbers . Stick float in fast
water is one of my favourite ways to relax and it
would be hard to chose between the fly and
float on moving water as to which I enjoy most.

We finished the day at Duck island ,a dozen or so Roach
more Dace and a few Chub followed until the light
failed and it was time for home .
No monsters but today was what it's all about for
me time well spent and my batteries re charged.
It could have been another river Rob rang to
see if I wanted to fish with his Dad something
I would have loved and no doubt enjoyed I
hope the chance comes around again just the
thought will get me busy at the vice .

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Trout With Rob

As we walked down to the Rugby game me and Rob discussed
our next outing , we said Sunday evening may be OK only problem
the rain , for the last few years the amount of summer rainfall seems
to have increased , that and the fact that Rob fly fishes some
exclusive waters means we only get out on the river a few times a
year , we have known each other close on 20 years
and with me picking up the fly rod a little more often I hope to
increase the amount of times we fish . On the way down
to the river we wondered if the river would be to high and
coloured but it was just about OK a couple of rising fish spotted
off the bridge quickened our pace to the river.
A nice Trout started things off ,in great condition and well
over a pound around14inc .
Rob was in next and we continued to hook catch and loose
fish on what was a good evening.
A nice photo of a typical Brownie from this river.
Below Rob plays a nice fish around the pound mark
on his little #4 brook rod.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Back On The Bank

Back on the bank after sometime, Summer Holidays amongst
other things keeping my time to a minimum.
My time has been tied up for the last month or so only a few
quick casts have been possible .
My wife has not been her normal self , quite a worry
...... it's only been over this period that I realize the amount of
free time she allows me . So the chance to snatch an evening
session was eagerly accepted .
Catching a fish is great but just getting out on the river is
reward enough for me . So even though we have had a
little rain I nipped off to the River Dane . I was pleasantly
surprised to see the river quite clear and not to high .
I caught a lot of small Chub and Dace with the bonus of
ten or so Grayling up to just over the pound mark
The river is full of Chub like the one above which is a good sign
also every swift glide seems to hold Grayling these days. The
Dace however seem not to be in the numbers of a few years ago
this also seems to be the case on the Ribble , quite sad .
The little river had some great Roach but alas they seem to have
all but gone......on a plus this also happened on the Ribble but over
the last few years they have made a come back so with luck they
may return
Finished the evening with a nice Grayling ..... a quick snap
rounded off my return .
I will post some photos over the next few days two of my
short sessions before I went away brought a smile first went
out with Mike who found on our arrival at the river he had no
rod ........... then Pete arrived with no reel , it's normally
me who forgets things this made me feel a little better that
I'm just normal ''well nearly!''
Even though these put a little dampener on things both
evenings where good.
Mike is great company and we could talk for hours about
fishing an always end up with a laugh .
Pete is so knowledgeable on everything about fish and also
the life that fills the river it's a true education spending few
hours in his company .
Just writing this makes me want to get back out only down
side the rain is falling hard so it may be a while .


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

-Random Phrump

''A Thought''

A simple philosophy I have adopted over the years has been tested and re-enforced in the past few weeks. It is to celebrate those good and pleasing things encountered in daily life, no matter how small, with at least the same vigour as I bemoan the bad or merely vexing.
-Steve Dobson

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