Sunday, 28 November 2010


River Ribble
Well this is new, a post off my mobile.
The fishing was hard frosty water and
cold feet. The views more than made up
for it.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


About two weeks ago we made a trip out
for some rainbows. Mike and Nick sported
two nice tashes. Mike looked like an extra
for faulty towers and nick like a German tank
commander. We had a nice day, plenty of fish
some good laughs, not many picture as my camera
died but I think I did get the best shot of the day!!
On arriving everyone had an array of big hairy things
I had my little box of river flies. Rather than rely on
any skill, or knowledge of the water, or any stocked
trout lake for that matter. The die was cast small flies
retrieved slowly, luckily it worked and a string of fish
I love this time of the year and the
American term(I think) describing it as
fall is about spot on.
The river Dane is a river I old in high
regard, not that some of my local streams
don't hold the same if not more amounts
of fish. I will stay clear of my normal preaching
of the reasons why and concentrate on the positives
of being out on the river, Gods good air and all that.
I love watching a float, if anything the last few
months and a touch of night fishing have made my
limited time even more enjoyable. This area of my
angling will continue I guess, even the stocked fishing
has been a nice diversion at times.
Well the Dane, a small river, winding by nature,
fast shallows, deep bends and tree lined banks.
Every new spot you fish seems likely to hold a
good fish and on a new beat of river, the often
long search for that perfect glide keeps you
walking and climbing through the rich under-
growth. Nettle stings and a hundred scratches
later I normally find that spot that looks "fishy"
and begin my way of setting about things.
The first thing before the rods set up is to put a
bit of bait in, this continues and by the time the
float runs down the water for the first time
the swims been fed for twenty minutes or so.
I also like to start upstream and work down,
it may be a false thought to think at least a few
bits have made the way downstream. Hungry
mouths wait around the next corner.

Two fish on the Dane are ready for you
at this time of year Chub and Grayling.
It's always been two althugh the latter
as replaced the Roach of my youth.
This is a water I will return too , it appears little fished,
apart from the Otter tracks that I think I found? The walk
will put most off I guess but I imagine some cracking Grayling
lie in wait, the Chub go three to four pound, I don't think they
get the pellets so are more of a natural size for the river here.
I'm sure Phil and Mike would like it even with the walk it's
worth the trip.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tale Of Two Rivers

I was late home from work, an all to often
occurrence lately! The sky was already dark,
the end of summer and rain in the air. This
quite miserable portrait of an average day in
the life of me! Well not so bad after all, a text off
Pete and promise of good fish five minutes up the
road on a new bit of river. The little fast flowing
river that appeared before me was a little haven
of life. Set between busy modes of modern commutes.
"If this was half as good as it looked I was onto a winner."
"A chalk steam full of fish on my doorstep!!"
I set the rod up baiting the swim in-between each step
of the process. First run first fish, Brown trout...oh joy!!

The next fish was a cracking Dace, my mind quickly
drifted to the TV programme "catching the impossible"
It was basically as the name suggests, fishing for what
could be described as very special fish of each species.
It was this Dace. The programme had gone to a little
river just like the one before me to catch a decent Dace.
They are still common enough but not as before, often
getting picked off by predators before they reach full
potential, I have fished some good rivers, healthy full
of food and yet here second cast was a decent fish, not a
record but just maybe a very good fish may lie in wait.
It's seems a problem, we travelled to the Severn.....Dace
yes but all small and yet here in this little neglected
river they abound? Just like the programme what
next, well more Trout more Dace, Chub and as the night
fell a warm feeling to end a miserable day.
Weekend came, before it more rain and well rain!!
Now you wait all week for an hour or two on running
water, rain high water and a big fat no to the stick float
float on my favoured water, like I said a few posts back
I would fish the feeder, stick a night light on and I can
extend a short session into a long one "magic"
So me and Phil settled down, we had tried this a
week or so back, again high water, we fished pellet,
cage feeder result one bite and a lost fish to a hook
pull. This time round I managed to land a couple
phil had my problem hooked one and lost it!!
Not many anglers have caught Barbel to double
figures on rivers without the use of a feeder rod,
pellets or meet but as of yet phils took his fish
without any of the above.

The fish are in top condition and it's been
a joy sitting into the quiet of the night with
good company and the odd fish. A few new
things, the rods up in the air so I have
developed a sore neck looking up in the
sky at my night-lighted tip. On a plus
I can now spot the stars and also confirm
the UFO'S must have stealth.
Nipped back t the other river, how different
one was like a flooded Nile, the other a gentle
clear stream.
I have learned a little already and results
are going to be good.
Phil with a quality small river Chub.
The rivers list of fish goes up one with
the Roach again spot on.
I would imagine that Barbel would do great in
this little river. I think it may be better for
all if this never happens, its nice to have two
very different rivers so close to home.

Monday, 30 August 2010


It had been on my mind for a while.
I had found a good bit of river, not
overfished, good access, safe parking
and it also has some cracking fish .
Only problem, with a bit of extra water
the swims are hard to fish on the float.
So with this in mind I had thought of
fishing the feeder! I'm not one for sitting
for hours waiting for that one fish. So my
idea was to approach it more like I would
with the stick, a roving method. Some bits
of river would still be waded with me
feeding, as normal from mid river. I was
so confident this would work I have even
been looking for the ideal rod. Not a heavy
Barbel rod but a feeder rod, it has to be
powerful enough for the big fish but also
delicate enough for Chub, Roach, and Dace.
Phil got a Fox specialist which is a lovely
bit of kit and if they still did that model
"0.75tc" it would be top of the list.
So after picking up a few rods and
having a read I have now made my mind
up. What confirmed it was going out with
my old rod and giving it a go.

Jeff rang and after a quick chat we decided
to have a late afternoon /evening on the
piece of water I described I told him of my
thoughts and he quite fancied it although
he was happy to settle on his chair after a few
beers the previous night.
I set up 11ft feeder rod 3oz tip 8lb mainline
6lb Froghair hook length 14's Drennan
specialist hook. Nothing complicated a
running open end feeder two beads to
buffer the knot, which was tied loop to
loop, this acts as a mini boom helping
keep the hook length away from the
feeder. Caster was the bait mixed into
a fish meal based feed.
The first swim is easier to approach off
the bank, in fact its impossible in good
water "bloody dangerous" .
I made one cast, and with the normal
approach in mind, after the short time I
thought it would take the feeder to
empty, I re cast. This would feed the
swim and with an uneven bottom would
always give me a chance that the feeder
was in the best place on occasions.
Not long to wait the tip banged round
and I was into a good fish. Jeff was amazed
at the quick result. I was chuffed it's a
sweet feeling when you think about
something and it works so well.
Moments later a Barbel of just
over 8lb was at the net, prime
condition, I expected more and
soon after I did get one around
a pound. The swim only produced
a few more trout. Jeff sat waiting
and I had a wander only an hour or
so, it gave me chance to try the
"wading feeder" two more Barbel
only small biggest may have pushed
3lb but it was working!!
Just a few adjustments and I think this
will bring me some good days.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Catching Up

The time for catching up is here I think.
This blog has been a very interesting
hobby for me. Around this time of
year it often slips a little. Its a record
of my fishing and on a cold day, the
thoughts of days well spent can be
most welcome.
The top photo was the view from the tent
on a couple of days camping in the Lakes.

Logan with a Perch I could only snatch
an hour or so, but the fishing was good.
I would imagine we may well go back!!
Some more photos of the last few weeks
Even though time as been curtailed the few
trips brought some good fishing.
Me and David have talked over the last couple of
years about a morning fishing...... well it finally
happened! It was a good morning even though the
river was up a little we managed a few fish.
The wading was a bit mad but with the chances of
the next trip being some time we had a go!

Pete with a Grayling, I told Pete he would
Love the Dane and I think I was rite. We have
spent a couple of evenings fishing until we could
not see the float. The method we fish on here has
brought some good fish for us.
We know some good fish live in the river
but getting them out is not easy.
Another thing the blogs given me is
the ability to capture the things we see
when out fishing. A love for nature.
I love taking photos and it's something
that I hope to "develop" pardon the pun!
I have an affinity with Chub I'm
always glad to see them. Maybe
it's because of memory's? Or even just
the fact that it's more or less guaranteed
that I'm by the river when in ones company.
Mike with a nice Dane Chub on the pin of
Well my dad loves rivers I'm still looking for
a nice spot with a short walk and good footing.
Until then it's a bit of carp bashing.
An afternoon on the pellet wagler brought
me a sore arm with a fish a chuck!!
We took Logan for another visit but not
so much joy we still managed one or two.
Logan helps his Grandad it's a joy to see.
Logan thinks the fish are daft
"if Grandad can catch them!!"
Well the fish race takes me up one more a Ruffe.
Another blogger spent a little time on the
river with me, again I have been saying
to Kerwin for some time we will get out
but that word "time" just not enough
of it for me!!! Not great, the water was up,
if I had not been promising him the trip
I wouldn't of gone he did manage a nice
Brown trout .
The nights have been getting shorter and the
rain makes the river a little unsure, so a bit of
late evening slider fishing at a local gravel pit.
I have really enjoyed this, it's taken me back to
being a kid, I can set off late and fish until.....
well "late" it's better than the TV.
As the night falls big fish move we are
not certain what they are, some are Tench
the big Bream but I suspect the odd
monster Rudd are also still in the waters.
Even though we did not catch a big one
Phil got to see the kind of fish I kept telling
him about with the one he caught below......
This story is only just starting I imagine.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Finding Time

I have only managed a few short sessions
over the last few weeks.The kids are on the
long summer break, a time I loved all so long
We had Two weeks off and my amateur attempts
at sea fishing came up short. When I got back
work was more than waiting, and the kids are
ready for me when I get home.
The blogs not been updated, at times you find a
block as to something new to write. I did catch a
few fish in this time however and will get the
pictures up over the next few days.
On a brighter note I fished a old haunt from my
early years the other night with Phil. The challenge
of catching one of the beasts that crashed and rolled
as darkness fell is now very much on my mind.
We had a drive out with our daughters, who are
becoming friends. It kills two birds with one stone,
they are happy to come out for an hour, while we
score some brownie points with the good lady's
and do a bit of scouting and even pre baiting, or
as the girls say feeding the fishees. Pete came down
but he could not see much as it was already dark! I'm
sure Mike will love the place as well. The good thing
is it's quite close, the nights are closing in and to be
able to nip out and fish a little into the night is good
and a nice change.Will report further on the quest
in the next few weeks.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Well just in case...... the title is about the fish
not the angler!!
Saturday gave me Phil and Mike a chance to
visit some new water.
It was a bit of a drive but on reflection
once I had recovered from the drive
worth the effort. Phil often says I have
a knowledge of Chub, I take that as a
complement, because they are spooky
fish and even though they " as the name
suggests" have a reputation for being
greedy they can take some fooling at
I say the tip was worth it on reflection for
several reasons. The first it makes me more
appreciative of the good rivers we have close
to home. The second is that on my first visit
I can take a 5lb Chub on the float, my as I
called it in the last post " Faith" in spotting
a decent swim improves on each visit to a
new river. I think that the skill is only acquired
after years on or in the water, I truly hope I
have the time to learn much much more.
My thoughts as I left seemed to be
"It's a long way"
"Is it worth it?"
Today I sort of think another visit with a
longer time to spend would be nice. After
all a few Chub one of 5lb on the first visit
in low water may just show the potential.

On the Friday I took my total to 21
thanks to a little Stickle Back

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


You can read a more detailed account of
Sundays outing on Phils blog .................

My summary goes a little like this.
I visited this part of the river over
our very cold winter period. I only
had a few fish but the ones I did get
seemed to be of a better stamp than
lower down. I put this down in the
end to the very cold weather, although
I had concerns about the amount of
predatory birds. I now still have the
concerns. While the odd big Grayling
can be found, fish of under a pound are
sadly scarce. A complete absence of
Dace in water that should hold them
in high numbers and no small Chub
either is a worry.
We fished the first pool, I have had
a couple of fish one of which pushed 2lb.
Also I have lost a couple of good fish.
I had told Phil this and I think he wanted
to get a good Grayling. Although we had
a few Trout we struggled a little.
I had spotted a good ripply glide in
winter, which had a barbed wire fence
in the middle of it making it un fish-able.
So I took Phil and it looked spot on.........
after one trout, I think he was loosing faith
in the water I had targeted, but he stuck with
it and reaped the rewards with a 1lb12oz fish.
I managed a few Trout and also got Chub taking
Crust although I somehow managed not to hook
one. I will give this area another try but I'm a little
worried. A family of Goosander as we left only added
to my concern.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The list

The list, we have a little list going of the fish
we can catch this year it's a sort of laugh tinged
with "micky taking" You get a new species it's
just dropped into conversation!!
My chances would seem limited as I mostly
fish rivers. This still brings me a few fish
though and a couple of the harder ones.
The hardest was my lucky Salmon!!
So the running waters brought me
Sea Trout
Brown Trout
Stone Loach
Bull Head
While my few visits to the still waters
Brought me .........
So I needed to make the most of yesterdays visit
with my Dad to Beacon view a stocked still water.
I added Ide and also caught a golden orfe the
ornamental variety of the same fish.

The king carp sorted with Mirror and Common
again just one on the list.
Also a Brown Goldfish so another three.
It may get hard now as the remaining species
I don't really fish for. So for the moment
I will bask in the the fact I have caught 20
species of fish.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Forget Me Not

I first visited the river Dane as a little
lad. I remember walking down to the
river with my Dad, on reaching it saying
"How do we get over the stream Dad, to
reach the river?" When we saw someone
fishing we could not believe it!! What was
even harder to believe was the quality fish
we went on to catch over the following years.
The little river has taught me so much
about fishing and rivers in general.
When the Dane is low and clear it's
like your own wild aquarium. Time
spent on her banks allows you the
privileged glimpse of river life.
I had took Phil on the Dane a few years back,
the promise of a Grayling and also knowledge
that he would appreciate this little gem.
It was with the same thoughts as I approached
the river with Pete. For us a new river or swim
is like being a kid again, It's not just about what
we catch but what we may catch, the challenge
of reading the water. The bend on the rod is
just the icing on the cake. It's been great to see
the faces of my fishing mates when they have
seen these little treasures, and when the first
run has brought the promised fish the gift has
more than been repaid by the big smiles.
The weather was warm and the river low
and clear, still sparkling though and full of
promise. Even though less than a mile away
from the every day bustle of man. We felt
we were in our own wilderness I'm sure the
last float to run down that glide would have
been my own last year. So we fished I think
Pete would have watched his float run down
that first glide quite happily all night.
After a couple of fish and a lot of coaxing
I did get him to wander a little. It was worth it
as he caught a good Grayling of a pound or so.
We had the most lovely evening even the battle
through the scrub is part of the adventure.
The final yards before you burst through
to the river is still full of wonder.
The Dane changes so much a glide that
held fish last year may not this, even worse
the glide may not even exist. The upside
that many new ones are created.
The plague of Minnows did not hamper
us much, the cold winter may have hit
the numbers?? It makes 16 on the list!!
I promised myself a couple of years back, that
I would take in more my fishing and the rivers
that I visit. I may of wrote this before, I sort
of was thinking of the good times with my
Dad, and it struck me that the last time
we made our way back to the car some years
ago he probably would have thought he would
be back, some weeks later, maybe months
but life's not like that. Every time I leave now
I say my own little thanks ,
"I'm appreciative of the Time"
I finished the evening with the perfect
fish for this water the Lady of the stream!!
Two happy anglers ready for next time .....
"God willing!!"


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

-Random Phrump

''A Thought''

A simple philosophy I have adopted over the years has been tested and re-enforced in the past few weeks. It is to celebrate those good and pleasing things encountered in daily life, no matter how small, with at least the same vigour as I bemoan the bad or merely vexing.
-Steve Dobson

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