Sunday, 13 December 2009

It's Stopped Raining

Well it's been a bit wet to say the least.
The rivers have been in flood for what
seems a lifetime to an addicted fisher of
streams. Not that I have not managed
the odd outing, most wasted.
I did manage a walk down the Hodder
and I wish the rod had been packed
as it looked low enough to cast a line.
A quick snap off the bridge was as
close as I came to a fishable river
for close on a month.

So when I got out today it was just
the fix my addiction needed.
I made the trip onto the upper
Dane last week, the river could
only be described as a mud bath.
While still carrying a bit of water the
colour had dropped out and the chance of
a fish was fair to good, so it proved.
Two nice Grayling helped ease the pain.
My last fish had been a few little
Sea trout all be it a few weeks too late,
non the less a good sign.

The pool I fished today holds a few good fish,
Two fast runs merge fish fight well in such
Even though the time was short a couple of
fish and a few snaps was most rewarding.

The fish above is about as big as the Grayling
grow at the moment on the lower river.
I did manage a lot better fish higher up
but managed to not get a photo. I hope
to get a good fish over the next few
weeks with a little luck.
A perfect fish and a perfect way to relax.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Day With The Lady

It's Melanie's 40th Birthday today, so with that in mind I
had took a couple of days out of work. It being a surprise
she had arranged a full day of girly things on Tuesday.....
It looked like the fishing Gods had looked kindly on me
leaving me with a free day!!
It was good because a busy weekend had left me fish less
and a chance to re-fill the old battery's could not be ignored.
I approached my first swim with caution, a quick call to Phil
had warned me of the low conditions and spooky fish , he
had fished over the weekend. The glide looked empty as I
peeped from over the bank side, resembling some kind of
sniper than a fisherman in an attempt to stay hidden.
I started to feed and within a few minutes the first fish
glided across the swim, after a few more minutes a few
more fish, feeding like this is a must in low clear water.
I entered the water some 30yards up stream and my first
run with the float brought a nice Chub all going to plan.
Then I had a mad few minutes it all went pear shaped.
First I managed to lose the Chub as I was taking a quick
snap it went into the streamer weed taking my float with it.
So I set up again next run snagged on a branch lost my hook
length. I went to get a hook knocked my bait over loosing
half of it Oh well at least the rain had stopped.

I carried on and took another few Chub not big
but good fun, the other thing it was nice on the
old rod now fully restored, and it was very nice
just the job.
Last time out I had a couple of Roach Phil's
had a couple as well no big ones but signs they
are still around is welcome all the same.
When I reached the area I caught one last time
I had it mind to move the weights slightly, I put
the weights in the last 18in but spread them out,
the last small one only a few cm off the hook, this
helps when holding back which for the shy fish helps
a lot, I only managed one but was happy.
I have had a lot more Dace over the last few visits
not like years back but better .
My first Grayling was a good one but it slipped the hook.
Soon after another decent fish darted around in the fast
The Grayling switched on and the next few hours
was one of the best I've had every run was met by
a fish and some of a better quality than usual.
A true sign Autumn here is fallen leaves and Grayling.
Great fish in top condition and on my pin and old rod
life's great.
The next one was strange a short stubby face,
no damage just looked strange.
I made my way to the area Phil hooked a Barbel
the fish are still around. I was feeding when I saw
what looked like a good Chub it's large fin gave
away the fact it was in fact a big Grayling, much
bigger than any I have caught or even seen in
the Dane before. I dropped in the river above and
fed again the response with my first run was instant
it was a good fish but not the big one.
With the water low I put it into a little fast pot of water
behind me to recover. My next cast brought me another
good fish if the other one had not been behind me I would
of thought it the same fish. It allowed me a nice photo of
a good brace to end a day with the Lady even if it was not
the one I had planned.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Few Trips And A New Project

Managed a couple of trips and found a
new project. Not a bad few days all told.
The weathers been better but the end of
Summer is here, the first signs of Autumn
are around, watching the float trundle
down a Gin clear glide accompanied by a
fallen leaf or two is a sure sign of a change
in season. The waters a touch colder and
the days are getting shorter, but as night
falls little can offer more than the river.
Phil had spoke of a day on the Dane I
have had some good visits lately, the
chance to spend a little longer on the
river(in it) could not be turned down.
We both booked the day off work and made
our way down the M6 to this small stream,
because when you compare it to the Ribble
that's all she is. When this river is low and
clear you can not believe how destructive
and wild in flood she is but on a day like
we found ourselves with nothing could
be better.
We made our way to fast water, a few Grayling
was the aim. Phil asked of our chances on the way
" Oh we will catch"
I think he thought the same, when I made
my first cast and the float darted under without
traveling more than a few inches, we had guessed
rite . Moments later the first fin perfect Grayling
was in my hand. The only other fishermen that it
may of encountered in all likelihood me or Phil.
You see if a river has Barbel in it most ignore other
small fish. However on lite tackle and in fast water
these fish are fun and in my humble opinion catching
fish like this with fly or float is the best.
Phil was next, within two or three runs down the
swift glide he was playing a fish.

This way of fishing is a sort of tradition now for
us both a couple of fish from the glide before we
split up and seek out more.
Safe in the net .
A typical River Dane Grayling with it's happy captor.
We continued and I found some new water.
I had walked round the little bend and was
disappointed too see the river had changed,
the little pocket water that has brought me some
good fish gone, but now a great gravel run into
the next bend, it looked full of fish. After another
four Grayling and a few Dace I went back for
Phil, he had a few more but when I said that
he should fish this new water because I thought
he may get a good fish, he was soon on his way.
Well I was nearly rite Phil was into a good fish
it glided back and forth across the swim, his pin
whizzed and the bright fin of a large Grayling
broke the surface
He had lost his prize thing is I think I feel just
as bad when my mates lose a fish I know the
feeling only to well.
We found the Chub and Barbel, problem
someone was sat fishing for them. Still I thought
we may eek one out n the pellet but we failed
that's fishing though.
I carried on with the float and maggot a couple
more Grayling a few small Barbel some Dace,
small Chub and then bang a better fish my pin
spins hard and before I regained control
the line hit a snag!! back came a float but no hook.
I managed a half decent Chub before we moved again.

We spotted some Chub and Barbel, Phil was
on a quest for a better fish, I sneaked off and
had another dozen or so fish .
We fished another new swim on the way back to the
car, we had a half dozen fish between us before the
night fell.
This Photo of Pete was a few weeks back
I had forgot about it, the last hour a snatched
cast that brought Pete a few fish.
Well another few hours on the Ribble only a
Short session. The water had been up and was
dropping I was hoping to find a river still carrying
a touch of colour but it was just tea stained at best.
The reason was any colour in the water and you can
get the Roach, I told Phil we had a chance and after
a few casts made contact with a fish just short of a
It was a case of sack the juggler, I dropped it before
a photo I did get another couple not quite the special
fish that haunts me from last year but welcome all the

The time for home was approaching when the float
dipped again, I had managed a few Dace a couple
of Roach and a brace of Trout . This fish was better
if only it had been that Roach!!!
A Autumn Barbel
The night falls on the Ribble........sad it's time to go
also Beautiful .
Again last hour with Pete and Logan
a nice Common.

Well the nights are are falling on us fast so
it's time for a new project.
I have been thinking of a rod build but a
practice on a old rod rather than a new blank
was in order. It's a long time back but my 18th
birthday brought me a stick float rod a good
blank and a spliced tip. A few years back I broke
the tip on a tree and so the rod minus the top few
inch spends it's time at the back of the garage.
So about two months ago I made contact with a
professional rod builder a new eye and handle would
leave me with no change out of £100 so that made up
my mind.
First thing first a makeshift thread winder
to hold the rod, this worked well and with
the design in hand some decent wood will
bring me a long term tool.

The Daiwa stick float blank was and still is well
thought of it's a fast rod but has a good through
action when a decent fish is hooked. I have had
Double figure Carp and Barbel on the rod and the
butt section kicks in on big runs.
The tip just needed a new eye easy job.
No expert on stripping cork but it's not hard.
It was only the reel seat area that was worn
so I blended the new section into the old one,
time consuming but worth it. I kept the original
look. Another thing I nicked a few inch off the
handle length making the fishable length the
same as pre break, this rod will be married up
with the pin, helping keep the balance.
Some wood filler mixed with coffee helped
the look just sand it down after 24 hours.
A order from Guides n Blanks cost me a grand total
of £20 ..........£80 now towards my new blank!!!!
A good practice on my old rod should stand
me in good stead . The rod was looking the
part the blank is fully sanded and the new
whippings look good. Will post some pictures
when it's all done.

Monday, 24 August 2009

A Boys Day Out and Out Chubin

Me my Dad and Logan had a few hours fishing.
Its good to see my Dad back up and about,
he has had a hard few years with one thing
and another. Two new hips keeping away from his
beloved rivers and the golf coarse. It must be
hard for him because he has a great passion
for the outdoors.
We arrived at a local stocked fishery a few bites
and a bend in the rod for Logan the plan.
When we arrived most people were fishing pole,
and it was a little quiet. We only had our float
rods and with the weather hot I made my mind
up to fish shallow. The first cast brought me a fish
Logan soon took over and a string of Carp all around
one to three pound followed.My Dad was soon in on the
act. As we fed the water boiled with fish.
Some big fish could be seen but with so many smaller fish
they could not get the bait first.
It was good fun Logan enjoyed it and it was great to
for us boys to spend some time fishing.

Out Chubin
Mike and Phil where on a Tench mission, I quite
fancied it but with clear skies and no wind I took
too the river(what a surprise)
I had no maggots and only carried pellet a year back
I frowned on such things but after reading about fishing
them on the stick float I gave it a go the results have been
stunning. I decided to fish a little further up stream. The river
was low and clear so a bit of fish spotting was the way forward.
I went on my knees and got between two trees and spotted some
Chub gentle feeding soon had more fish out from the shadows
amongst them some Barbel a couple of good fish amongst them.
At one point I must have had twenty plus fish feeding all over 3lb
and the biggest Barbel around eight. If you look at the photo below
the shapes on the sand bar mid river are fish.

I made my way a little above now and tried to bring
the fish into more open water , if I had cast into the
shoal results would have been instant but only one or
two fish would have been taken before they spooked.
By tempting them towards me away from where
they held near the snag I hoped I could take more
fish then drop in for the bigger Barbel later.

It worked perfectly a string of Chub no
monsters all between two to three pounds.

Good fun on the float with the water slow
I used the closed face and a pole float, a carp
dibber which is like a little stick float.
A dozen or so Chub followed all on soft pellets
the fish took the pellets as they hit the water
they were so confident. I had spent an hour
feeding them and watching before my first cast
but it was worth the wait. All the time I watched
I worked out the swim and how to maximise my
I hit a good fish which I could not stop from the snags
even with my normal tactics I lost the fish which I think
was a Barbel.
The lite was fading so I waded slowly and could see the biggest
Barbel at my rod tip I lowered the bait and watched the fish
move and take it again the swim has a very bad snag and
I lost it will need to step up for her next time.


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

-Random Phrump

''A Thought''

A simple philosophy I have adopted over the years has been tested and re-enforced in the past few weeks. It is to celebrate those good and pleasing things encountered in daily life, no matter how small, with at least the same vigour as I bemoan the bad or merely vexing.
-Steve Dobson

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