Sunday, 20 April 2008

Trout on Sunday

I arrived at the river at around 1.30 , Phil's car was parked
up , we had arranged to meet at the Three Tunnels pool
As the river can be seen from the wall I decided to see how
Phil was doing before I made my way down to the water ,
''anything doing'' the reply came back ''yes had one'' by
this time it was plain to see that a large hatch of flies was
coming off and Trout were rising everywhere .
Now my pace quickened the thought of a few fish on the dry
was most appealing.
Phil was just landing another Brownie as I reached the top of
the pool , a nice fish about 12oz.
A quick word with him to see what the hatch was , Olive Dunn
seemed to be the best match , so I chose a size 18's tied to 3lb
fluro .
After a few casts I was in to my first Trout typical size for
the river under a pound , the rise was slowing much to my
disappointment , but one or two fish could be seen so I
changed to a 20's F -fly , as the fly reached the point were
a nice trout had been rising first run and it took 1.9lb was
the result after a good scrap.

After one more from the pool we decided to move to the
viaduct , as the fast water riffled down a few fish could be
seen still taking dries ,I took two more on the dry before
the rise finished Phil was busy trying the wet, with little
luck , I changed too and put a Gold Head Hares Ear 14's
on the point with a little Black spider Tin head 16'S on the
dropper . Two more fish followed on what was becoming a
very productive day.
Phil now tied a weighted Hares Ear I had given him on a 12's
not a pretty fly but it's a killer , Phil admitted he put it in his
box and fished the run with a fancy bought thing without a
touch , first cast with the fat ugly thing and bang !
After a good fight in a very strong current a nice Brownie
came to the net 1.5lb and very nice too , think he was
smiling at the fish but he did say he laughed when the
Trout took on my fat fly.
We now went our separate ways for an hour , I left Phil at
the Mill Race pool while I went to the Green Pipe , It's real
fast water with deep gullies when you get a fish it's good fun.

At this point I was fishing a new fly I had tied , the fish had
gone down and I thought this would be an ideal time to try
it I have seen all sorts of Caddis in a few colours , on the
Dane in Chesire they are a bright green , plain Hares Ear
seems a favorite here , so with this in mind I had tied this
Peeping Hares Ear on a 12's .
More fish followed the best was just over a pound , most
taking upstream as I watched the leader and hit any little
twitch. I continued in this manner and as often happens as
I lifted the fly as it passed I felt a heavy thud ''Ahrr stuck''
but no this snag was moving this was the fish I had waited
for and what a great scrap it gave ,finally it came over the
net . No scales at this point but it was well over 2lb and in
fantastic condition .

We finished with a few more fish bringing our total to around
twenty . We both chatted on our walk back to the car about a
a very nice day and when we can get back
for a few more hours .


phil-k said...

I'll be getting all my flies from you in future.I've learn't my lesson.

Great fishing Tony.

oldsmugglerflyfishing said...

Nice sunday fishing! I like that fly, maybe I will ty a few like that.


Jose said...

Very beautiful trouts and nice blog.
The carp of the photo is great.
Regards from Spain.


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