Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bloom-in Freezing

I'm sat here now just writing up the days events
and I've just about thawed out ! To say the day
was wet and cold would not do it credit ........... was much worse .
The rain last night had me wandering if our trip
to the Dane would go ahead ? Although a
small river she rises quick but the water can
run off even quicker . The trick seems to have
been over the years to catch the water thinning
down , this means that both the fresh water and
sediment that it carries are settling down ,the
little colour seems to disguise the line and the
fish are on the look out for food after fighting
the colder fast water . I think this was starting
to happen but then the rain came and the river
started to rise not very good .
I lost a couple of fish from a swim last visit and
with the water slightly up I knew the spot would
have some fish waiting for me today .
A change in tactics , I normally scale down
the wall and fish past a large tree which
is partly in the water . The good points
; the tree is a good hiding place for
both Chub and Barbel also even though
a good strong glide runs past for some
20m or so just in behind lies some slower
water ,this is a ideal place for Roach
and for all fish to retreat to in flood .
Bad points ; as you hook any fish it as to
come back past the snagy roots you can
guess the rest ! also that wall is not very
high but slippy when wet .
So today I stayed on top my idea to run
down stream and pull the fish away from
any underwater dangers .
I was soon into small Chub and then a
better one slipped the hook.
Finally I was into a large fish or it was
into me after going up and down the glide
several times it decided to run downstream
50 yards later I past Phil with the fish taking
me for a walk deeper water lay ahead so
something had to give the hooked pinged!
I took several Chub on a hard day when
most seemed to struggle ,the photo
at the top being around the best
(thanks to Phil) a in depth Chub
artical can be found on his blog
Well worth a look and a good read
We made an early return home both very
wet and cold a good dry week is needed
before my next outing , a bit of fly tying
will make the time pass easier .

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Mike Duddy said...

Hi Tony,
Take a look at the 2nd of the three flies he ties, i think that this would work really well at Pendle.


"Life is but a dream?"

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