Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Looking To the Future

Spent Sunday with Mike on the Ribble.
The wind was gusting and the sky bright
not the best of conditions but it was so
nice to be out on the river.
The first few runs through brought a lot of
little bangs and pulls little Parr to blame .
This is such a good sign for the future,
on my last couple of visits the river as
been alive with small fish jumping
and generally looking like running fish
in miniature.
I caught three or four and hooked many more .
The day turned better weather wise and the
bank was full of small flowers and the odd fly
think the one below is a good example.
The odd rise gave me chance to use my sedge
imitation which fooled the fish quite well last time
The fish seemed to be taking a small pale
crane fly and a switch to a light F-fly brought me
the best fish of the day.

The fish was 11in about 3/4lb very silver and lept
and fought above it's size think it was either a
Sea Trout although it could have been a larger trout
on it's way out to sea for the first time?

Mike fished hard all day for little reward fish wise
but he got to wade a very clear weed free river
and spotted some nice glides for later in the
season on the pin and float.
The sad part of the day is when you leave
a last look at the river ensures your return.


Dick said...

A great site. Much different fishing there than here.

otterjack said...

Great report Tony, I've been struggling to get out lately so enjoyed the read and photos, keep it up.

Tony said...

Cheers Lads it's good to be out fishing whenever and wherever you are.


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

-Random Phrump

''A Thought''

A simple philosophy I have adopted over the years has been tested and re-enforced in the past few weeks. It is to celebrate those good and pleasing things encountered in daily life, no matter how small, with at least the same vigour as I bemoan the bad or merely vexing.
-Steve Dobson

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