Wednesday, 17 June 2009

And So It Starts

It does not seem that long since the coarse season
started last year, Phil, Mike and I had booked the day
off . This year we all had busy days ahead so I hoped for
a few hours late on.
Mike had the same idea and we made our way and planned
too fish until dark. The 16th of June is a special day in the
calender for me a return with the float rod on the rivers is
something I relish.
The river was quite low and my thoughts as we made our
way was of how to fish the conditions. I love the center pin
but I thought of fishing a little lighter on the closed face.
It worked pretty well first cast and run through brought
a solid thump on the float, I lifted into a very good fish,
now I wished I had heavy gear on, not that I was fishing
very light ''7lb hook length'' but this was a big fish and it was
boss. Five minutes later and making no head way the fish
found a ledge and pinged the line. Thinking this may be
a sign of things too come I put 10lb line straight through.
I had a few good Dace before the Eel above. We had four between us.
Mike had the first fish (landed) a nice little Brownie.
The action was a bit hit n miss but a nice Sea Trout was very welcome well
above a pound.
I did finally land a Barbel around 6lb. The river seemed in good
nick just needs a little water which after the rain today may well
be sorted .
So first day a dozen Dace, Sea trout, Chub, Barbel and two Eel's . I think
after reading reports that the heavy storm the night before
put a bit of a quick cold water on which had left the river with
a tinge of colour I don't think it was too bad.
Mike almost had the same only having a Brown instead of a
Sea trout.
Now how can I create some time to get back.


phil-k said...

I was wondering if you managed to get out on the 16th.All I could think about at work was being on that river in the sunshine like last year but unfortunately I had a deadline at work.

Still, there's always weekend.: )

Mike Duddy said...

Will be back there on Saturday with Matthew :)

Tony said...

Should be spot on for weekend wth the rain well worth bumping a worm around for Sea trout or well almost anything hope to get a few hours at some point

phil-k said...

Tony,Give me a ring on Sunday if your going.; )

I think it's your turn to drive though.


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

-Random Phrump

''A Thought''

A simple philosophy I have adopted over the years has been tested and re-enforced in the past few weeks. It is to celebrate those good and pleasing things encountered in daily life, no matter how small, with at least the same vigour as I bemoan the bad or merely vexing.
-Steve Dobson

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