Monday, 10 August 2009

Could not Help Myself

It was a nice day on Sunday, even though
it was the last day before I had to return to
work the river was on my mind.
I could not help myself, I had to try to get
out for a hour or two, time was ticking by
and by the time I was at the river only a
couple of hours of good lite was left.
Last time out the water had a little colour
and was carrying a few inch, this time low
clear water met me.

I made my way to the waters edge and
started too feed, my maggots were few, most
had turned to casters, but after last time from
the start I put a few pellets of different sizes into
the swim. I did not want to rush onto the pellet
knowing it would pick the better fish out.
So I set the rod up and went straight through
onto my main line, a four No 4 float and a 22's
Fox carp hook the shots were styll the small
hook is ideal for maggots and caster and one other
advantage with the strength of line I was using the
hook gives before the line!! the styll shots also
help in snaggy water, if a fish hits a snag the styll
will slide without damaging the line, any nick on
pre stretched mono reduces the strength and you
often get smashed.
I started on caster, a few Dace and pesky
Minnows and one hand sized Barbel followed
I kept the pellets going in and after hour or so
changed onto the Pellet.
Expecting bigger fish i put a size 16's Fox carp hook
on and one of the larger pellets. After building the
swim up I was hoping the fish would have settled
and I may take a few.
First put in and first fish a Chub a good 4lb.
A great start I fed again and no sooner had
the float settled than "BANG!" I was in again this
one was a good fish it surged away under the willows
but with the rod tip under the water out it came I
was thinking Barbel but a great Chub hit the surface.
It was worth the scales and they went round well over
the 5lb mark. The Dane always had a good head of
Chub but pre pellet days a 4lb fish was a good one
these are now common but a 5lb fish is still good.
My pictures don't do the fish credit(still not got a tripod)
but the fish kept coming every cast the float slid away
in what was a great few hours.
I had no big Barbel but even these 1lb fish put up
a good scrap on a float rod.
Another fish followed not quite as big but spot on
the fishing was magic.
Another babel not quite the normal size but getting
bigger my only problem the fading lite. Two problems
seeing both the float and my way back through the
Lat cast I thought and for once it worked. The rod
arched into what was the best fish I could feel it going
into the roots and the line hitting things, I buried the
tip of the rod low into the river, I could not see the line
or the fish night was falling quick. This was surely a
Barbel it surged away again breaking water midstream
but this was its last lunge for the bushes and the fish was
mine........." Chub" now I may of lost the ability too see
but this fish went over 6lb on the scales it was very long
and in fantastic condition it was as long as the fish I caught
on the Ribble a few weeks back but not as deep or broad
(god knows how much that weighed) It was a shame that
both fish went without a decent photo, if only someone
had been with me.

I think this tactic may get some good fish over
the next few months . I plan too show Phil next
time out if I can get him away from the "Ladys"
Grayling that is by the way I know Mike and
Pete would have a great time with this kind
of fishing and I plan too show them.


phil-k said...

That chub in the last picture looks huge.: )

Tony said...

It was!! around 6lb(my scales are not the best) but not as big as the Ribble one a few weeks back. No decent pictures camera ran out of power and no one to help. The methods a good one though, even though I was fishing lite the bites were quick I was fishing 7lb tornado line 0.14 so if you fished on the lead with thicker line you would not get the bites. It may work on the ribble with a big Avon?


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