Sunday, 16 May 2010

Me n Dad

Chances to get out have been limited, mainly
down to the little ones. So my only spare time
was spent on a sunny afternoon with my Dad.
We arrived at an easy to access fishery. Not
either of our number one choices but with my
Dad not wanting to walk to far and needing
decent ground it's perfect.
On arrival after a quick chat to a few already
fishing, it seemed the going was hard, but my
Dads owed a few favours off the fishing Gods.

After a couple of trips to the car for the tackle we set
up and it wasn't long before we had some action.
In fact it turned well worth the extra effort. It's
my preferred option to throw the rod in the car
and get to some running water. I take the ability
to walk, climb, crawl and fall into some fishy spots
much to easy at times, and when a lot of these times
was spent doing so with the "owd fella" walking to the
car for his tackle is little to ask for someone who as given
me so much over the years.
So with these thoughts echoing around my head we got
down to catching some fish. First thing getting him
comfortable, not easy!! The riggers of years of hard
labour on the building sights of the North West leaving
it's toll.

The moment the float dipped for the first
time , the hook struck and his rod tip arched
into a beautiful Golden Orfe, I knew it was
worth it. For those minutes as the fish dove
and swirled he was a kid again no pain just
the joy of what fishing is. The smile on his face
was more than any reward I could ever receive.
We went on to catch nearly every cast just a Dad
and his little lad fishing again.

1 comment:

phil-k said...

That Orfe is a beauty.It's no wonder he was pleased.; )


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

-Random Phrump

''A Thought''

A simple philosophy I have adopted over the years has been tested and re-enforced in the past few weeks. It is to celebrate those good and pleasing things encountered in daily life, no matter how small, with at least the same vigour as I bemoan the bad or merely vexing.
-Steve Dobson

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