Sunday, 30 January 2011

It,s Cold

Well it's been cold, I think my fishing time has been
short and when I have been out the goings tough.

I managed a trip to the Dee it was a metre up
it was a nice bit of water just a little wild!!!
It gave me a chance to try out my new rod and
reel. I could have made do but it's a nice river
set up. Ideal for a bit of nymphing with heavy
bugs. I did get two small ladys, the better one
for the photo never quite arrived, although I
did have a near miss.
A christmas presant that will get plenty
of work outs I think.
On the subject of presants I treated myself
to a new closed face Abu, a very nice bit of

The broken ice that had come to rest on
a slow bend made for a nice photo, it also
showed how cold it's been. I can't remember
and niether can anyone else who fishes the
Ribble a freeze like it.

Pete not in the artic but Preston!
We did get a few Roach, Pete is doing the
old rod race so was very happy when his last
fish was a Dace.
Went out on the Dane today "new water"
another fishy looking stretch but the cold
must have put the fish off not a sniff of
a bite. Just makes the next trip more


Alan Bamber said...

Lovely reel. What is it??

Tony said...

It's a sonik lite Alan, they are the same reel as the old Vision GT, very nice on a smallish wt rod. You can pick them up for 60 quid, if you look around on ebay you could half that if your lucky.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

i guess my question i was going to ask you just answered Tony. Great blog, you got a new follower


"Life is but a dream?"

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