Monday, 16 June 2008

A Day On The Pin (The 16th)

It was the 16th of June another day for many but for me
like a second Birthday.
Phil and Mike had arranged a da off work I could hardly
miss out on the party.
The river is low at the moment , so different from last year
when she was in flood for the first 2 months of the season.
As I drove down the anticipation of running a float down the
swift glides was immense , I was planning my attack and
the spot I knew would bring fish . My hope was that no one
else thought the same . I arrived at the spot and it was free
sliding down the bank between the grass I could hardly wait
to jump in and fish but time as taught me it's not how you start
but how you finish . So with this in mind I slipped into the
water further up stream yards away from the spot I guessed
would produce.
Now I started to feed , I use a bait dropper in the fast water,
this is a weighted cage with a weight on , as the weight hits the
river bed the cage opens and releases bait into the feeding area
other wise it can be washed away and over the heads of the fish.
Again with a full day ahead patients is a virtue , taking my time
I dropped it in until I was happy. I then had a look round
up stream , the shallows alive with fry and each rock that I
turned over was a mini world of wanderfull little creatures
it's a joy to see the rive so healthy .
I now took my rod and dropped the float gently into the glide
it moved steadily away . The first few runs are made and little
alterations to depth and the shot(weights) are made .
5 minutes and the float dipped the solid resistance and heavy
thud of a large Barbbel . The big ones dont move much just
sticking to the bottom , every swoosh of the tail transmits
through the rod and into the pin resulting in a'' THUD'' that
pulsates in the grip of your hand . The line went solid and
moments later I got 2lb of weed . Neither a good or bad start
many will have fished without a bite ,at least I hooked one ,
my cup is always half full when fishing.
I reached for the bait dropper , after looking through what
seemed 100 pockets I came to the conclusion it had found
a watery grave . Next best thing throw them .
My next run and the float dipped before I could strike the
pin whizzed and a fish darted but with power .
this fish while heavy was a Chub.

I had another by which time Mike had arrived to take a snap.
Almost immediately I ran the float again the rod arched into
another fish the result a Barbel .
Fin perfect and a powerful full bodied fish over 7lb
A great feeling as she strongly swam away.
The swim was banging now with large fish , Phil had wandered
down stream but I' more than happy to share the fishing around
so I gave him a bell
I took another Chub before Phil made his first run.
The weed was a problem and we all lost fish Phil 2 or 3
but after we seemed to have removed this the fish came
steadilly . Phil above with another perfect fish over 5lb
and a PB for him .
Now it was Mikes turn he soon abliged with a PB of his own
The spot was handed back to Phil while me and Mike
walked , so Icould show him a little of the river .
The phone rang it was Phil who was playing a large fish
(or it was playing him) we made our way back and a
10lb 5oz Barbel was waiting smashing Phils best a
quality fish only out done by Phils smile.

Mike now took the next fish fully extending his arms to
match Phils efforts !! ''It was this big '' honest.

Mike had brought Neil along , we could hardly of let him miss
out , he is more rigged up for trapping , but a little work
may allow him to see the light :)
He had wanted to fish a pin and I was happy for him to use
mine . He picked it up like a duck to water ,literally because
even without waders he jumped in '' hope for the lad yet''

Like he had been doing this for years he soon was fishing
the pin I can honestly say when he hooked the fish it was
the best bit of a very memorable day for me not the biggest
but fantastic all the same '' well done ''


Mike Duddy said...

What a great start to the season!
Am looking forwards to plenty more.

Irwell or Ribble next weekend?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Splendid fishing!!

Tony said...

Great day fantastic fish , company and a serious sun tan !
Glad you enjoyed it Mike I have been waiting to take you on as I new you would appreciate it . It can be harder than that at times but also better!! we will wade and fish the little glides next time ,we need a little rain .We also have the River Wyre to explore should be interesting may be have a trip why the water is low to scout round for fishy glides?

phil-k said...

Many thanks for all your help Tony, its a big help to us all to have such a top class angler who is willing to share so much.


Tony said...

It's a pleasure to fish with you as always phil ....
great company and good to share the experiences . I can say the look on your face after landing that fish was worth the cost of the season ticket alone . As for me being any good it's pure luck , you and Mike are very good fishermen and would be landing fish without my help like you did with the double , it took skill to land that fish and many who have fished purely for Barbel have not had such a speciman
well done and cheers ....Tony

vanckirby said...

some great looking fish!

Steve Dobson said...

Centre pin fishing sounds like good fun. Glad to see you did so well. The photos are great.

Tony said...

Cheers fella's it's a great way to fish and very addictive sure this method would catch you plenty of river dwellers . Will try it with a couple of nymphs and post my results sometime .


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

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