Thursday, 12 June 2008

On The Brook

Phil text me today , did I want to meet up for a hour on our
local brook? Guess what of coarse I did. We have not fished
very much of the stream and decided to wander further along
her banks . It's narrow and over grown and even though my
wife only lived a mile or so away and I have passed it often
this year is the first time I have wet a line on for the Trout .

The stream gave me another chance to practice with my 6ft
rod and the technique I'm working on it's basically up stream
nymphing but scaled rite down just a 16's PTN tin head.
The water is a bit slower than what I would normally fish
the method but if you get the weight rite you can get some
great results. I had around 10 fish tonight and lost as many
(again) if the water is moving then this works a treat even if
it's real slow , slower flow and the lighter the fly then it's a case of
watching the connector for the fast takes , very addictive and
also productive such areas as these would have been ignored
by me a while ago now I'm taking fish ''great!!!''
The first pool got a double hook up two wee Brownies small
but such a good sign Phil and I hit them at the same time.
The fish came quite regularly most small but the odd 11in
one as well . The final glide we reached was deeper and longer
Phil said it may hold a big fish or two I agreed a fish over a pound
would be a monster from such a little stream . We got a few
takes and fish before my line shot forward and I tightened into
a much better fish , good sport on the 4# 6ft rod .

The fish was long but slender with a massive tail it was around
a pound a bit fuller bodied it would have been well over , still
I was well pleased a great fish . Who knows a few bigger ones may
be waiting !
We made our way back to the cars a few fish and a method I now
have a lot of confidence in '' a couple of hours well spent''.


phil-k said...

It's great when the fish are biteing and I look forward to matching my 4# with a good little reel and line.

The midges had a field day biteing me though and I am covered in bites all over my head and hands.I look a right

Tony said...

I looked like I had the pox or something , they where only little but they didn't half irritate . On the fishing it was nice to take a few fish on the little rods glad you rang me up .

thebigandyt said...

Cheers for the post Tony, You've a cracking looking site. Definatly one for the blogroll.

Tony said...

I will add yours to my links as well Andy if tats OK ?


"Life is but a dream?"

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