Saturday, 4 October 2008


Glen Lyon: River Lyon from Bridge of Balgie
I was thinking of great places I've fished and one
place is the river Lyon in Scotland, a place I must
return to at some point . The photo above just
about does it credit , it's some years since I was
last on the banks ,and apparently like so many
other rivers water abstraction has paid a toll
on the amount of fish in the river .
The Hodder is another example of the effect
dams can have on a water way . I have no
evidence but I can almost without doubt say
the fish numbers have declined in such rivers.
The Hodder is now much slower flowing
and is more silty than a few years back
I'm sure this effects the insect life? looking
under stones during the summer I found
fewer critters in the Hodder than the Ribble
especially Baitis .
This in turn will effect the amount of Parr
both Trout and Salmon I'm sure not just that but
rate of growth .
Even so I would love to go back to a most
beautiful part of the country.


oldsmugglerflyfishing said...

Hello Tony! Now I would like to go there. HAHA!!

Very nice, from what you wrote, that place looks very promising.

Regards and all the best.

P said...

ever fished the River Douglas Tony ? Affectionately know as the 'Duggie' in the Wigan area. Was once nothing more than a polluted ditch but heaving with good fish nowadays, chub, dace, roach, perch mainly but good carp, bream and pike also.
Nice blog mate :-)

Tony said...

Yes fished the duggie had a flat fish last year , See the odd fish near the JJb when on he way to the rugby , I love the Ribble and spend quite a bit of my time wandering down her banks .


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