Thursday, 16 October 2008


Well four weeks of waiting finally ended today
with the arrival of my new rod , and much to
my joy what a quality item it appears to be .
The Normark name is very much a item
you associate with river angling and after
a few seasons with my Greys rod I thought
a change may be needed the Greys was
solid but I was not in contact the same way
that I was in the past with the fish , may seem
strange but my older stick float spliced tip was
just an extension of my arm and I only realized
how much I missed it after landing a Perch on
Pete's Drennan which was a dream to use with his
little Shimano reel .
Mike also owns a Drennan 13/15ft but on the
Ribble he worries about its strength with
that in mind I did a bit of research and after
a chat with with a very good angler on the
river who owned the Mk1 Avenger my
mind was set . The big draw back the
£399 price tag the rod retailed more like
£299 but still a lot of money .
So on to the world wide web and after a
search the price came down£260,£240
and finally just a shade under £200 the
fact that Shimano have now taken Normarks
parent company over and Normark in effect
are no longer producing the rod made the
hunt harder . After finding a couple up for
sale on E-bay I thought a bid may be worthwhile
I did not have the money to buy one at full price
and resided my self to a wait but a last minute £120
bid secured it .......... ''yes'' nearly as good as landing
a fish .
My next search is for a closed face reel
this will allow me to carry a few options,
in slow water with a light float the pin
can be a bit of hard work the closed face
will be much better ,also a waggler could be
used and seeing they come with a couple of
spools my options will be increased the
search is on for a cheap Abu 704 watch
this space .


phil-k said...

Looks a great rod.Looking forward to our next trip and I've got some posh new waders on the way.;)

Tony said...

very nice were a proper pair of tarts :) if I can sneak the rod out will see how it fares with them Grayling on the Dane :)


"Life is but a dream?"

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