Thursday, 3 June 2010

Busy busy Busy

Well I have been "Busy" this should have been
put up a week or so ago. I'm snowed under
with work, not complaining though.
I have some pics of Mikes wedding and our
"night club" adventure not that much
adventuring took place!!
Anyway I got out onto the river with Jeff .
We seem to be a gathering of like minded
anglers....... being out by running water is
good, better if you can share the catch of
the odd fish with good company and a laugh
or two on the way.
I spent most of my early angling life by
the side of my Dad. Although as I got older
he often sneaked off............
"after that special fish"
although as I later found out so he could have
a quick smoke in peace! without the worry of
me telling "my Mam!!"
The thing is I then spent a lot of time on
my own ,the solitude only broken with the
odd chat. Often I would start a day and finish
it without a word.
Then I found something, I had gone out with
Phil on the river. I more or less promised him a
Barbel, so pressure on! I was relaxed though and
confident and it was not misplaced. The thing I
found that day was not just a fishing buddy but
the joy which I got from watching Phil catch.
That was the same feeling with Mike. We
fished a "snowy river" and caught one fish
but the adventure of the day was like being a
kid again "fantastic."
I fished a new bit if water Pete found
around Christmas again like two kids
we tackled up and even though we had
no monsters it was great.
Phil asked today "does anyone read my blog?"
well I do and I go back and read older reports
on days shared "White water Chub" is one of
my favourite reads and I mean of anything
I was there and every word brings back a memory
and a smile!!!
Every time I come on here
I check all the blogs to see who's updated and
you can learn so much so keep blogin!!
Jeffs a river angler, new to fly but he has
the river craft, so battle nearly won, just
a technique or two. This stretch of water
is ideal for a traditional approach or that's
what I think? Its difficult sometime to
describe what makes you take a fish or two
Down and across ? well not really more
across and down? well not that either.
I sort of came across this, its dead drift
with a twist. Most of the flies we fish would
in natural form be swept along with the pace
of the river, so its more across and the mend
follow at rivers pace with the rods length the
twist is to lift and dip the rod, the slack by
dipping the rod tip can slow the fly down,
only for a second but so so vital, the lift can
tighten the line and just again for the vital
second the fly rises or darts upwards. The
mending of the line is important a fast dragged
fly is not on a fishes menu.
You can then start to work the river more
searching the creases and slacks more
May be rubbish but it works for me. It's hard
to describe such things because its just self taught
Jeffs first trip brought some good takes but no fish.
I think he was sort of hooked on getting one.
The next trip and he was in within the first half
hour. The river was low and we were told
"Busy ........people swimming"
He now had confidence, a fish .... it works!!
We carried on and he even managed a little Sea Trout .
I was getting a few as well and as dark approached
we both gazed into the fast shallows as the Chub where
busy spawning. We can fish this area with the pin and
as the count down to the coarse season approaches I cant


Mike Duddy said...

In todays world where everything can be bought and sold, i think our fishing adventures are priceless.
Some people just don't get it and never will. Others realise how fragile our world is, and how lucky we are to be able to experience the unique closeness to nature that fishing allows. Its funny how the Ribble gives us so many more of those unique moments, than other local waters.

phil-k said...

Great photo's as usual Tony.

Sorry I missed your call yesterday but I got caught in some bad traffic caused by an accident and the police were everywhere.

I had to go straight out when I got back home.

Catch tou later Phil

Anonymous said...

Good mind, good find. ....................................................

QuinnJ怡潔 said...

Many a little makes a mickle.............................................................


"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

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-Steve Dobson

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