Friday, 18 June 2010

You wouldn't Salmon n Eve it!!

I could go on and tell you how me and Pete
ended up with an hour or so on the Ribble.
I could then tell you how he hooked a Salmon
(looked a big one) and how I landed the one
above. If I did though you would think I had
been drinking or the sun had got to me!!!
For the ones who know Pete I would ask
him, still can't believe it my self.
Anyway cross another off the list Mike.


phil-k said...

Wow !

You'll be grinning for weeks.

Well done.

Mike Duddy said...

And some people spend thousands trying to catch one !!!

I'm still laughing after your phonecall, must have been a real sight.

Pete must be in awe of your mystical powers.

Will now call you the Salmon Whisperer

phil-k said...

Hi Tony ,

I have changed my link.



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