Monday, 25 February 2008

Looking back (old photo's)Happy Birthday!

The Ribble in the 70's a boot lace ,We all have to start somewhere .
A little river in Scotland produced a lovely Trout (no sheep this trip)
A couple of Chub from the Ribble in the 80's the M6 bridge can just be seen
(nice T-shirt)
A typical day on the Dane for my dad ,with his old Mitchel reel
Me and Len set out for a day at stocks late 80's
A river somewhere and below three generations

It was my dads Birthday today so I took the kids to see their Grandad and wish him a Happy Birthday, while I was their we got talking and we got some old pictures out (all pre digital) The picture above was my Dads best Barbel a good double . I will try and upload some more in the future . The pictures bring back memories the trout (A little river in Scotland )was a hot topic 20 odd years ago I was sure it was a wild Brownie Len who basically taught me to fly fish thought it was a Sea Trout to be honest I'm not sure to this day I do know it was a lovely fish . I scoured for decent photo's the ones I found are not great a real shame because we have had some good fish , I hope my Dad can get a few days this year he seems to have spent his well earned retirement preparing or recovering from operations , any way here's to the future .....Happy Birthday Dad .


phil-k said...

Great pictures Tony,but what is that hairy thing on your top ;)

Tony said...

It was a experimental fly that got stuck while casting ''a very wooly buger'' think it was called

Matthew Eastham said...


Brilliant stuff! If only I had a scanner, I'd throw a few of my own up - now that would make you laugh, I used to sport an absolutely criminal mullet (the hair, not the fish)!!



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