Sunday, 10 February 2008

Rigs (floats all ready)

When I go out fishing I normally carry an assortment of rigs , basically floats all ready tied up and ready on winders . The ready tied rigs have different floats , depths , line and hook sizes this saves me time and means i can maximize my time on the bank , it also means I can travel lite and can tackle any swim with just a quick change .
My main line on the reel is around 8lb this is then attached to one of the rigs loop to loop . Having a heavy main line allows me to fish up to just short of it's breaking strain , on most occasions I fish a good deal liter . The float is normally on 8lb as well this is stepped down at the hook length which is about the last 12 inch or so , the rig above as a hook length of 3.9lb of Fluro Carbon. I mainly use this as it is nearly invisible in water something to do with its reflecting values being almost the same as water . The rig is then finished with a barb less hook these are in many sizes and vary from wire to forged I use a knot less knot , sounds stupid but thats what it' called ,the reason is that any knot weakens the line strength so you maintain it's highest strength using this one and it never lets me down .

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"Life is but a dream?"

"... on a good day of fishing, the job, the noise and clutter ... fade away until there is only water and the rhythm of the rod and, now and then, a fish."

-Random Phrump

''A Thought''

A simple philosophy I have adopted over the years has been tested and re-enforced in the past few weeks. It is to celebrate those good and pleasing things encountered in daily life, no matter how small, with at least the same vigour as I bemoan the bad or merely vexing.
-Steve Dobson

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