Saturday, 16 February 2008

A new river

It looks like I will be trying a new river tomorrow , we will fish what seems no more than a stream , in an area well known in the not to distant past for being badly polluted, a lot of hard work as been done on our waterways .
The EA (environment agency) have done and are doing a good job of reintroducing fish to the rivers , not just by the introduction of fry but by keeping and in some cases creating better and safer areas for fish to breed ,this river management is the way forward .
For years large amounts of fry where introduced to our rivers to bulk up numbers of fish, the fact is if the water and river is maintained and protected then the fish will be their naturally this now thankfully seems to have become the accepted view .
The other people involved in this are anglers and their affiliated clubs , Bay of Malton seem to be doing the rite thing and are involved in making the river I will fish tomorrow a better place in conjunction with the EA and local authorities for fish to thrive . This as loads of benefits(on all rivers ) ,of coarse as an angler I love to see our rivers full of fish but I also love to see the wildlife on her banks flourish in the process .
We as anglers take a lot of stick about being cruel but most of us have a deep love of wildlife and a lot of the pluses of our pastime are ignored in certain circles , for instance I once arrived on the Ribble I was around 20 years of age , something had got in the water dead fish lay all along the bank for as far as I walked , this as an angler was the last thing I would want to see happen , many people love nature but the ones who see fish kills and are both most effected and disturbed by this are anglers. Its the same when we see a Swan on TV or in the newspaper with line or hooks wrapped round it , I have waded in more ponds lakes and rivers than most to save all kinds of birds , I would venture to say on the whole decent anglers save more birds than the few idiots who leave discarded tackle kill .
Don't get me wrong not all are the above and like in all walks of life we have a fair amount that do more harm than good but a large majority are a sort of water ways home watch.
We are the first line of defense on rivers re pollution and often are the first to raise the alarm if somebody poisons the water , this defends all wildlife on our rivers not just the fish ,after all the river is a finally balanced eco system if one inhabitant suffers this as a knock on effect both ways on the ladder from the smallest invertebrate or insect to the larger mammals and birds .
Hopefully I will report back on here tomorrow that I have caught a few fish .
I believe that without angling this process of reclaiming the rivers would take a lot longer . I'm happy in the fact that the money I pay to fish some of these once dead rivers and the time I spend walking and wading them helps in some small way to put the waterways back how nature intended.

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